About us

"We make gorgeous, crazy, high quality and affordable neon signs. Long term, inspiring and unique -sell all over the world. Not only selling products, but also sell the feeling, atmosphere - the specific atmosphere of the room - our mission is to stimulate happiness, creativity and the desire for life through each unique piece of work - so let's "create your atmosphere with light"... "

We provide LED material and real glass material for you to choose. Here I tell you the difference between real glass signs and LED signs, hoping to help you understand them.

About LED neon signs

  1. It lasts much longer and produces more vivid light over a longer period of time

Low production costs mean that we can helping our customers saving money
  3. It's better for the environment because it consumes much less energy
  4. The material depends it won’t damage during transportation

About Real Glass neon signs

  1. All handmade products
  2. The product has a strong three-dimensional sense
  3. The light is soft and mild
  4. All parts are replaceable and practical at customer side
  5. Glass material is more texture, beautiful

We focus on producing the first class quality products for our amazing customers at the best price, and everything we do is focused on our ultimate mission - "to inspire creativity, happiness and desire for life through every unique piece of work."

Thank you very much for your support! If you have any questions, please contact our team at: simon@kustomizemaster88.com Also can follow us on instagram (search Name: kustomizemaster) Check out our excellent customer productions.